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Small brush cutter

Brand : Aosheng

Product origin : Shandong, China (Mainland)

Delivery time : ShanDong

Supply capacity : 100 station/month

Product Features
1, Small brush cutter high efficiency: general each lawn mower, daily mowing more than 8 × 667m2, its efficacy is quite artificial weeding (0.5 × 667m2) 16 times.
2, The effectiveness of Small brush cutter: the mower rotation speed, the orchard weeds cutting effect, especially on the high tenderness of the cutting of weeds better. General weeding three times a year, the basic requirements to achieve weeding.
3, To maintain soil and water: artificial hoe weeding, due to the weeding while loosening the topsoil, it tends to cause a certain amount of soil erosion, artificial weeding on the ladder, resulting in soil erosion will be more serious. The use of lawn mower weeding, because only cut off the weeds on the ground part of the soil surface has little effect, coupled with the role of grass-roots solid soil, is very beneficial to maintain soil and water.
4, Small brush cutter to increase fertility: the use of lawn mowing weeding, to be a certain height of weeds after a long, cut off a large number of weeds can cover the orchard, but also when the orchard of organic fertilizer, increase soil fertility.
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