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Tractor mounted sprayer

Brand : Aosheng

Product origin : Shandong, China (Mainland)

Delivery time : 7 days

Supply capacity : 100 sets

Basic parameters
Spray form: spray 10m; three folding; fully automatic
Matching nozzle: fan-shaped nozzle; 21 +2; interval 500mm
Adjustable height of Tractor mounted sprayer: 600-1200mm (adjustable)
Machine size: 4450mm × 1800mm × 1850mm
Minimum ground clearance: 500mm
Machine weight: 1460Kg

Control efficiency: 90 acres / hour

Product description
1, The Tractor mounted sprayer starts, you must determine the control handle in the parking and other non-working state.
2, Before starting, first the power switch from the "off" position to "open" position. Insert the key into the key hole and turn it clockwise to the "on" position to see if the ammeter pointer is biased to "+", clockwise to "start", hear the sound of the engine working continuously, release the key, . Shutdown press the flame out switch, and the key to the "off" position, the machine stops working.
3, The Tractor mounted sprayer engine starts, the clutch first depressing, the joystick hit a file position, and then step on the throttle slowly loose clutch, the machine can move forward, the greater the number of joysticks the faster the machine forward, the joystick hit "R" position, the machine can be back, the steering wheel can control the direction of the machine for hydraulic power steering, four-wheel steering.
4, The engine starts, the pump will hit the joystick position, liquid pump began to work. When the pump lever is knocked out, the pump stops working.

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