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Technical strength: R & D strength of the company, with national accreditation laboratory, advanced product research and development means, with more patented technology each year more than 10 with independent intellectual property rights of new products through the provincial identification of the market, the company is self-developed products are small Self-propelled aerial spray bar sprayer, self-propelled fruit tree machine, wind-driven high-performance remote sprayer, suspension, traction sprayer sprayer series, and electronic moth-off lights, Projection insect-type lamp, such as projection-type pest forecasting instrument, the company perennial and domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning to maintain close cooperation and constantly explore new agricultural science and technology, the company's new product output rate of 30 percent or more, and achieved remarkable economic and Social benefits.

Equipment level: the company advanced technology and equipment, has introduced Japan, Italy, Germany, the United States and other countries of modern processing and testing equipment to test equipment and testing control means to the domestic industry with the advanced level, with all the major production equipment 1200 More than 80 sets of various production lines, 330 mechanical and electrical integration equipment, testing, testing equipment, more than 130 Taiwan.

Quality management: The company carries out total quality management, has been persevere over the years, implement the ISO9001 standard, establish and improve the enterprise's quality management system, IS O9001 standard throughout the whole process of production and management, the company actively using the international more and more advanced Quality management concepts, ideas, techniques, methods, in the 21st century "big quality" concept under the influence of the company began to implement the quality strategy to improve business performance to promote the role of the pursuit of excellence has become the company to build brands to enhance international competitiveness of a Important measures.

Certification: The company passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, the first domestic agricultural products through the 3C certification, so far a total of 70 different models, different types of products through the CE certification in recent years has 100 More than a variety of different models, different types of products through the EU CE certification, the German GS certification, the United States EPA emissions certification and EMC certification, the European noise certification, EU II stage eM ark emissions certification. Through the implementation of the international certification, the company's product quality has reached the international advanced level.

Management: the company actively promote the lean production and other modern management tools, invested heavily in the implementation of the ERP enterprise resource management system to achieve a variety of internal data, information integration and sharing, to the "business process, office automation, management standardization , Enterprise digitization ".
The successful use of information technology, comprehensively enhance the enterprise's modern management level and comprehensive competitiveness, ERP is the successful implementation of the national machinery industry model.

Strategic planning: In the long-term development process, generation after generation of the Orson to their hard work and wisdom to create a miracle, and continue to write new glory. Faced with new development opportunities and fierce competition environment, all employees under the leadership of the company leadership, diligent struggle and innovation, advancing with the times, "a well-known international brands cast century strong enterprises" as the goal, and strive to continue to Users to provide quality products and services, Qingli build China's industry's first brand, the company bigger and stronger, and always maintain China's largest small-general-purpose gasoline engine, garden machinery, plant protection machinery and small construction machinery leading position. "Let the user more satisfied with the staff more happy to make the motherland more prosperous" for the purpose of creating an international influence and corporate culture of modern large-scale enterprises.